Diamond in the Rough Tri Recap

As promised here is my recap of Diamond in the Rough International Triathlon. This was only my second ever international triathlon so I viewed it as another race to improve and work on my nutrition for Ironman 70.3 in September. I think it was a pretty good day and I’m feeling really good about where I am in my training.

Race Details:
Perryville, MD
Race Start: 8:30AM
Distances:  1 Mile Swim, 27 Bike, 5 Mile Run

Friday: REST DAY (yes I took a complete rest day….gotta make sure these legs are freshhhh)

Friday night:

Not an exciting dinner since I ate a really big breakfast and lunch. Sweet potato, some zucchini noodles, egg quiche and some broccoli. I also had part of a protein bar. (This is one of the problems with writing the recap so late….I don’t remember what I ate if I didn’t take a picture of it…oops).


Packed and ready to go.

Lululemon swim bra, RipIt tri shorts, Smashfest Queen Tri top, Roka goggles, Giro helmet, 2XU socks, LG Tri Shoes, RipIt Visor, and New Balance Boracay sneakers (first time racing in these). Oh and my bike of course…Trek Lexa

Now for the nutrition…

1 bottle of Berry Tailwind
2 bottles of water
2 salt tablets
1 handheld bottle for the run filled with Tailwind
5 Huma Gels
ProBar Energy Blocks (ended up not using these)
1 GoMacro Bar (pre-race)



I woke up around 5am so I could eat breakfast and be on the road around 5:45ish. Oatmeal, with chia seeds, a scoop of Nuttzo. On the drive I ate a banana.IMG_0044

Nice sunrise too.

I picked up my packet and got my timing chip, bib, shirt, transition write band and bike sticker.

I was 749 so went into transition to rack my bike and get everything lined up.

Transition closed at 7:30AM so I dropped my flip-flops and grabbed my gomacro bar and Huma Gel for before the race.

7:30AM:  I ate the gomacro bar and hit up the bathrooms
8:15AM: Cafe Mocha HumaGel

8:25AM: Headed into the water to get ready for a prompt 8:30AM start. I swam a little bit to get warmed up in hopes of not panicking like I sometimes do. I did not wear a wetsuit since the water was 81 degrees.

8:30AM: We were off. It was just a massive start so lots of swimming over people and getting kicked. I’ve learned to just swim buoy to buoy but man that first buoy was sooo far away. We swam counter clockwise so make a right around the buoy and then kept swimming straight. I didn’t even need to doggy paddle at the buoy this race so that was a big accomplishment. The rest of the swim rent pretty quick and I only slightly deviated once which is so easy to do. I also need to be better about swallowing crummy lake water because I always end up with an upset stomach…not fun. I was so happy to get out of the water but we had to climb up a ladder and then run up a set of wooden stairs and then it was a short jog to T1.

Bike: My transition was pretty quick and then it off to crush out 27 miles. I by no means crushed the bike. I felt good especially on a super hilly course…for reason I thought it was mostly flat…clearly I did not read the race manual. There were lots of tricky turns so I was extra careful plus a descent amount of steep climbs.

15 minutes: Huma Gel
Every 5 minutes I alternated between Tailwind and water. I sometimes forget, but it was hot so I had to stay on top of it.
I had some stomach issues kick in early on so wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do more gels but managed to suck it up and then downed another gel at…1 Hour: Huma Gel

Towards the end of the ride my stomach was feeling better. I think my mind was more focused on my right shoe squeaking which drove me NUTS. It squeaked the entire time. I also took a salt tablet, but really can’t remember when. I think it was at 1:15 on the bike. The rest of the ride went pretty well and I felt strong coming into T2 which was also pretty quick…only 0:58.

Run: Most of the time I can’t wait to get off the bike and onto the run, but this time was different. It was so HUMID and HOT which made me wish I still was on the bike. I normally don’t carry water, but since it was so hot I decided to carry my bottle of tailwind (I’m so glad I did). I took another HumaGel (Strawberry in case you were wondering) at mile 1.5 to get me through the rest of the race. I poured water over myself at every water stop to cool myself down which helped. As I hit the turn-around I knew I needed to pick up the pace to catch some the girls ahead of me.  It was not easy, but I had  I passed the last girl coming into the finish which put me at the top of my age group!

Official Time: 2:48:51
Age Group 30-34: 1st
Overall Finish: 49/148


I grabbed a banana and downed this Bonk Breaker bar when I was done. I was also a super sweaty mess.


I waited around for the awards ceremony and snagged a few other pictures.

It was also a big day for a few others badass ladies. Congrats to Esther Collineti, Emily Bryson, Emily Lerman, Jana Goins and Liz Spradley who crushed it!!

Congrats to everyone who tackled big races over the weekend including my RipIt family who raced at Rev3.Tri…WAY TO GO LADIES!!!


Next on the calendar – MD Duathlon Challenge this weekend. Sprint Duathlon on Saturday and Olympic on Sunday!


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