DUthe2Challenge Complete

I’m keeping it short this week, 1- because I’m sure you have my training schedule memorized and 2-the weekend races are way more exciting than what I did during the week.

Week 19 Total:
Swim: 4200 Meters
Bike: 51.88 Miles
Run:  14.3 Miles
Yoga: 180 Minutes
Strength: 110 Minutes

Saturday: MD Sprint Duathlon with RipIt Events

Friday Dinner – GlutenFree bread, spinach, avocado, beets, roasted red peppers and tempeh. (I also had a banana with some nut butter and part of a Cliff Bar)

Up early and ready to kick off the weekend of racing with the RipIt Team. Today is the Sprint duathlon (2 mile run – 13 mile bike – 2 mile run).

Breakfast was oatmeal, with 1 scoop of Nuttzo and 1/2 of a Cliff Bar.


Nutrition packed…1 bottle of Tailwind and 1 Bottle of Water, ProBar Energy Chews, 2 HumaGels


Off we gooo….

After getting there I grabbed my packet and got all set up in transition. Race started at 7AM so nice and early to beat the heat.

I took one last sip of water, ate 2 ProBar Energy Chews, hit up the porta-pot, stretched and then it was go time.

2 Mile Run: Nice and easy to start. Coach Suzy said 7:30-ish) pace so that’s what I stuck to since I didn’t want to kill my legs considering I have an even bigger race tomorrow. Grabbed Gatorade at the 1st stop and water coming back into transition before the bike.

13 Mile Bike: The bike was just as hilly as I remembered. Shorter climbs, but still lots of hills. I did water and Tailwind every 5 minutes. 18 minutes into the ride I had 1 energy chew and then at 30 minutes I downed an Apple Cinnamon HumaGel. I ate some of and I think a lot of it ended up on my bike handle…so much stickiness. After racking my bike I took one last sip of tailwind and headed out on the run.

2 Mile Run: We did the same run as before, but this time in reverse.  I dumped water down my back at the first stop and took Gatorade at the second, then water at the last stop. I stayed right in that 7:30ish pace range in order to save my legs for the race tomorrow.

Love the cold towels at the finish and awesome medal again this year!


I hit up the Elite Chiropractic & Sport tent afterwards to get stretched out (AMAZING).


2 mile run: 15:04.5
T1: 1:05.2
13 mile bike: 44:17:7
T2: 1:04.9
2 mile run: 15:14.9
Total: 1:16:47.2
Gender: 7/19

Last year I did it in 1:20:26.3…so super happy about shaving off 4 minutes and getting a personal best.

2nd in Age Group!


The rest of the day was spent relaxing, doing some yoga (hips/hammies), and food prepping.

I also prepped for the Olympic Duathlon tomorrow. Decided to go with the CarboPro and Gatorade Lemon-Lime this time.

Dinner was a quinoa/rice bowl with beets, zucchini, corn, and tempeh. I also snacked on some carrots and black bean hummus + some Beet juice (great for endurance).

Sunday: MD Olympic Duathlon with RipIt Events

Another early morning with a 7AM start but in the summer this is clutch in order to beat the heat. I had the same thing as yesterday: bowl of oatmeal, scoop of Nuttzo and 1 banana.

6:30AM: Bike was racked, I downed a PowerBar, hit up the bathroom, stretched and before you know it…we were OFF.

2 Mile Run: Pace again for this one was about the same as yesterday – I tried to stay in that 7:30min/mile so that I saved my legs for the ride and the final 4 mile run. I was close in that 7:15-7:20 range.

26 Mile Bike: It was the same bike course as yesterday, but we just did it twice. Twice the hills and twice the fun. YES. Overall it went great. Legs felt like a ton of bricks at some spots but the miles flew by and I HAD FUN. Yup…I HAD FUN on the bike (note to self…let’s hope this bike love continues) I switched it up and did CarboPro with Gatorade in 1-24oz bottle and then did another bottle of just water. I alternated every 5 minutes like before; did a HumaGel at 30 minutes into the bike and also was snacking on ProBar Energy Chews as needed. Lots of fuel. I ended up tearing through the 24oz of gatorade mix and most of the water which seemed to work great. Onto the run…

4 Mile Run: This run was BRUTAL. It was hot and the hills SUCKED, but no surprise since I did this course yesterday. I grabbed my water bottle for the first part of the run to keep myself cool and drink as needed. I grabbed water at the first stop to cool off, gatorade at the second, gatorade at the 3rd and did the same for the second loop. Coming up on mile 2 I spotted two of the girls in my age group that were ahead of me. I passed one of the girls and had the other girl in site. I stayed on her heels till I felt comfortable I could pass her and keep ahead. I passed her almost at mile 3 and then picked it up the rest of the way.

Boy was I glad to see that finish line!!


2 mile run: 14:42.5
T1: 1:10.6
13 mile bike: 1:28:15.7
T2: 1:05.8
4 mile run: 31:12.3
Total: 2:16:27.1
Gender: 5/12

Another 2nd Place finish and a huge confidence boost on this bike. The speed is improving!!



Two great days of racing this amazing group of RipIt Athletes!!!



Athletes Serving Athletes had great finishes both days. Amazing job athletes and wingman. #TogetherWeFinish

Jonathan also had a big day today (insert proud girlfriend emoji here). He placed 2nd in his age group at the 2017 Mack Cycle International Tri in Miami!!! Congrats!

Nothing exciting the rest of the day besides lots of food…lots of catching up on life (including the blog), laundry my racing clothes smell, some yoga/stretching and prepping for another week of Ironman Training!!

Amazing job to everyone who got in races and workouts this weekend. Keep it up!!


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