Playing Catch Up…Here’s Week 21

Where do I even begin. Im about 2 weeks behind and I can’t even remember what I did during training week 20, but I’m to do my best to outline it. Good news for you is that it’s going to be super super short (sort of)!!!

Monday: 1,100 Meter Swim + Teach Barre

Tuesday: Body Pump + 5 Mile Run + Massage

Morning strength + a run makes for a great start to the day…

I had a massage with Steph that night which I so desperately needed. Matt (her husband) was so generous and even cooked us dinner. Quinoa, green beans, plantains and his famous black beans.


Wednesday: 14.01 Mile Bike + 30 Minutes Core Work

Thursday: 2,100 Meter Swim + 3 Mile Run (8:10pace) + Teach TRX

Tossed in some great moves for TRX and did some playing around on my own.

Note to self: never run in the afternoon when it’s 90+ Degrees…talk about HOTTTT

Friday: 1,050 Yard Swim + Hot Yoga


I picked Jonathan up from the airport and after picking up his rental road bike for tomorrow’s ride, we went to EarthShake for acai bowls.

Then it was home to prep…#allthegatorade

Saturday: 41.10 Mile Bike

I took Jonathan to ride the same course as last weeks Duathlon in order to get in some high mileage and a good way to get in some hills.

Breakfast: Oatmeal squeeze and banana (I also had all of our nutrition packed)

Bonk Breaker Bar about 30 minutes before the ride.

Nutrition Plan:
GU every 30 minutes alternating with PowerBar
I also alternated every 5 minutes with Gatorade and Water.

In total it was about 2 bottles of Gatorade and 1 bottle of water for the ride. I’m feeling really confident about my race day nutrition and about have it nailed.

It was such a great day to ride!!

Basically the life of a triathlete on the weekends….


The rest of the day was spent eating and relaxing. We went to Atwater’s and then headed to Sagamore Distillery to take a tour. Has anyone done the tour? I thought it was super cool and learned so much about the history of rye whiskey in Baltimore.

Sunday: 8.78 Miles (8.47pace)

I gave Jonathan a nice tour of Charm City on our 8ish mile run before we headed to PA for the day to visit with my family.

We went to church, had a nice lunch with my parents, grandpa, and my sister and brother-in-law.

I also gave Jonathan a nice tour of the farm (which he loved)

Such a great way to end the weekend and a long week of training!

Week 21 Totals:
 4,250 Meters
Bike: 55.10 Miles
Run: 16.78 Miles
Strength: 200 Minutes
Yoga: 60 Minutes

Who else is busy training????


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