Hello August; July In Review

It’s August which means it’s time to take a look at how Ironman Training went in July.

Here’s my recap…

How do you feel about your past month’s training? Was it productive? Were you focused and motivated?
July was a great month. I feel as though I started off in a bid of a rut, but got in some great workouts that really gave me the boost I needed. I’m always focused and always motivated. I’m anxious and pumped to head into the final month before IMLP. 

Some workouts each month just seem too well, while others are tough from the start. Which workouts do you feel went well. 
The bike workouts definitely went super well. I’m feeling comfortable on the long rides, feeling comfortable with the nutrition, and I’m getting a little faster (I think). I’m definitely getting more excited about the bike. The run is always fun for me….cause well….I love to run. Bring on the double digits!!

Which workouts were the most challenging?
It’s been more challenging to get in the pool for some reason. I think I just get bored and need to hit up the outdoor pool to change it up a bit. Side note…I think I’m getting a tough faster 🙂

How was your recovery? Did you feel tired/sore?
A little tired about back to back weekends of racing, but took advantage of yoga and the light days post race. I got a massage after the DU so that helped get these muscles back into gear and ready to crush these next couple of weeks with higher mileage.

How do you think you did mentally and emotionally?
Mentally I was focused and ready to tackle these workouts. I’ve been a bit stressed lately with all the things going on, but that makes me want to workout even more. I think adding in nightly meditation will help with the focus and de-stressing.

How many hours of sleep per night have you averaged and rate sleep quality?
Overall sleep has been good. These past 2 weeks have been super busy which hasn’t made sleeping easier, but hopefully I’ll be able to get back to early bed times. Sleep is going to be critical the closer I get to September 10.

How was your general nutrition this month? How was your training nutrition?
I really focused on nutrition especially on the bike. I came up with good plans for the Triathlon and Duathlon(s). I have some more tweaking to do during these next few weeks of long rides, but overall comfortable with the nutrition plan for Lake Placid.

Did you race during the past month? How did it/they go? What went well?  What went poorly?
3 races which all went super well.
1st place at Diamond in the Rough in my AG
2nd place in AG in the Spring/Olympic Duathlon

Nutrition and pacing went really well. I did decide that my stomach can’t handle the CarboPro with the Gatorade. Other than that…things are coming together nicely and I’ve gained so much more confidence on the bike and feeling much stronger. The swim for the triathlon also went well and I didn’t panic in the water so that’s a WIN!

List all of your races for the next six weeks. 
IMLP 70.3 in T-45 days!!!

Are there any unusual stresses this month that might affect your training and recovery? 
Work has been crazy but other than that…life is good.

Describe any new, current or recovering injuries (include minor aches).  
Need to get back to some mobility and would like to go to Elite for some maintenance to make sure everything is good for IMLP and I’m 100% ready       

What areas of your training/racing do you think need the most attention?
What areas of your training/racing do you think need the most attention in the next month? Runs off the bike and more biking!!!! (did I just say that…)

Is there any other information we should know before developing next month’s program?
I think that’s it. Ready to RIPIT for the final month of training and get this body ready for 70.3. 

July Totals:
Swim: 11.40 Miles; 6:59:45 Hours
Bike: 303.51 Miles; 17:35:31 Hours
Run: 69.82 Miles; 9:32:43 Hours

That’s a wrap folks. Happy Weekend!

Hope to see some of you out running tomorrow…Britta and I will be out hitting the pavement nice and early!!



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