New Bike Day = The Best Day

Mixing things up and doing a weekend recap because some big things happened.

Let me officially introduce you all to Rama…


 New bike days are amazing and this one was extra special since this was my first TT (time trial) bike.  When we got home from the airport on Friday, Jonathan had my bike all ready to go and even had a few early birthday presents for me and Rama. The girl I bought her from gave her that name and I’ve decided to keep it. I think it would be bad luck if I changed it and I actually think it fits her well. All we needed was a good fit which  happened on Saturday.


55.45 Mile Bike + 2.56 Mile Run

Breakfast was oatmeal and a banana with some almond butter (AKA the usual). I also ate half of a PowerBar on the way to Trek in Naples where we were going to start our ride.

It was kind of crazy with the weather so the ride and run really didn’t go as planned.  We got in about 17.64 miles before the rain rolled in. We took a break till about 11am and went to a local coffee shop to chill until it cleared. The coffee shop was called Fit & Fuel Bicycle Cafe and had the same vibe as HandleBar Café here in Baltimore.


When it was time for my bike fitting, Jonathan went out and got in his extra mileage. The fitting went great and Greg did an amazing job. Got a new seat put on her too!


I actually was able to take Rama out for my ride and I was SOOO excited. She did great and I love her so much already. She’s a speedy one and now I can actually keep up with Jonathan on the road.

Nutrition Plan:
I did the usual 5 minutes of water and Gatorade but with it being so hot and humid I drank a ton more Gatorade. I did Base Salt for we started our second round of riding which worked pretty well. I did the usual fueling every 30 minutes with a Human Gel and a PowerBar. I ran out of PowerBars so before the final loop I ate this Ally’s Bar.

After our ride we set out for a run. We got about 10 minutes in and it down poured (AGAIN). I got in the 20 minutes though so happy about that.

Now that it was already 4:30PM and we had nothing to eat besides PowerBars and Gatorade we were STARVING.

Whole Foods was across the street so we hit up the salad bar for so much goodness. I grabbed basically a little bit of everything. I also drank a chocolate Svelte protein shake. Mine is the one on the bottom…the one without the Mac & Cheese 🙂


Sunday: 8.48 Mile Run

I’m loving all these extra miles, but in the Florida heat 8 miles felt like 12. We were up early and hit the pavement so we could get to the local coffee shop for breakfast at 8:30AM.

The rest of the day was spent shopping and prepping for the week. I also got a Tropical Acai Bowl from Ada’s Market. I chose the healthy option; while Jonathan chose the not-so-healthy option of a Blizzard from DQ (after biking 80+ miles on Saturday…he deserved it and plus who doesn’t love ice cream)!!!


I’ve been loving acai bowls in the summer. Anyone have any good recipes for ones they make at home?

It feels so good to close out another big week of training and riding my new bike. I am so excited to get in some longer mileage and get into double digit runs!!


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