Week 23….You Snuck Up On Me

The weeks are going crazy fast which means Ironman is getting even closer. I feel like training started like last week…crazy right??. Time is whizzing by. Anyone else feeling this way?!?!?

Well…again keeping things short so I don’t bore you.

Monday: 2,200 Yards + Bootcamp @ IronDNA Fitness


I’m not sure if you heard, but there was Tropical Storm Emily that hit Southwest Florida. Crazy timing with me being there for the weekend.

Jonathan and I went to IronDNA for bootcamp and Crossfit. It was such a great leg workout and definitely felt it on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday: SpeedWork (6.18 Miles / 8:15 Pace)


Per Coach Suzy…. border-line vomit and I’m pretty sure I got to that point. I’m pretty sure doing speed work after annihilating my legs at Bootcamp was not the smartest idea, but it got done and excited to be back doing speed.

10 min warm up
6×1:00min sprints (1:00 min recovery)
3×2:00min sprints (2:00 min recovery)
2×3:00min springs (3:00 min recovery)
5 min cool down
51 minutes total: 6.18 miles

Wednesday: Hot Yoga
Finally got back into yoga and hit up Marissa’s class at YogaWorks in Fed Hill with my friend Britta.

Thursday: Brick Workout (Bike + 3 Mile Run) + Teach TRX

(note…that is not water but sweat!!)


Friday: 2,000 Meter Swim

10 Mile Run (woohoo for double digits) + Teach Barre

Morning miles with my friend Britta before heading off to teach barre.

I taught a little pre-wedding barre class before hair and makeup and all of the wedding festivities. Such an amazing space and a great group.

#rooftopruckus with these babes for the afternoon

My Hungry Harvest also arrived and HOLY MOLY check out the size of this pepper!!


Also did a re-stock on gels since I ran out. If you buy 12 nutrition items at Charm City Run you get 20% off.


Sunday: 52.30 Mile Bike + 3 Mile Run

I’ll be honest…I was dreading this bike. I was just not motivated and some of that is because it was cold. Well it was in the 60s…and yes that’s cold. I mean it’s August. In reality that’s great biking/running weather.

I headed out super early to get to Western Regional Park when the sun was up to hit the bike loop. I had 50 to do which meant 4 loops. Yup…4 on the same loop. Boring…Yes, but I make the time go by quick. I sing, look at horses and cows, think about life things and sometimes don’t think at all. It’s actually quite nice. You should try to not think sometime and enjoy Mother Nature, it’s a beautiful thing.

Nutrition plan:
Breakfast: 1 Swapple with Almond Butter and 1 Oatmeal Pack (not I didn’t eat the banana until after the run)

Hydration Total: 24oz. water/ 24 oz. Gatorade (alternate every 5 minutes)
00:00 – 1/2 Power Bar
(Jon taught me this trick of cutting & rolling them like a tootsie roll. It works great)
00:34 – Espresso Love Gel
1:07 – 1/2 PowerBar
1:37 – Chocolate Coconut Gel
2:07 – 1/2 Power Bar Bite
2:37 – Peanut Butter Gel
3:07 – 1/2 PowerBar


Post Ride/Run: Banana (pictured above) and some Generation UCAN Cocoa Delite


Grabbed coffee from Atwater’s and then was off to the pool to meet my friend Heather to catch up. Pretty great way to end the weekend. Who’s in for next week?!?!?


Happy Monday friends! Check back this week for some fun upcoming events I’ll be hosting.





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