Big Weekend…Longest Ride in the Books!

Hello Weekend and Hello to more training. These weeks go by so fast, but ultimately I think the weekends go by quicker. Heading into my longest ride of the weekend I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Saturday: 60.10 Mile Bike + 4 Mile Run


Breakfast: 1.5 waffles (220 calories each) with a little almond butter and 1/2 banana

During: 1/4 GoMacro bar right before
Water/Gatorade Lemon Lime every 5 minutes
Gel every 30, 1/4 Cliff Bar every 30 (in between gels)

I did decide that I’m going to go back to PowerBars. I wasn’t a fan of the Cliff Bars. They were just a tad too heavy for my liking.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t so sure how this was going to go. I haven’t biked more than 1:30 on the trainer (maybe a touch more) so biking 60 miles was definitely going to be a challenge.  So between social media and Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix the time went by super quick. I was drenched it sweat and this is how it looked by the end…

I finished about 70oz of water/Gatorade.

always happy when I get to the run….

By the time I finished everything it was about noon. I stretched A TON and did some light core work.

By early afternoon, I was ready for ice cream so I met up with Julie. We checked out Bmore Licks…the new go-to ice cream place near Patterson Park.
I got the Vegan Peanut Butter Oreo with chocolate sprinkles!

I got a second wind so did a little food prep too.
Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes from the RunFastEatSlow Cookbook.
I think I nailed the recipe this time…they were quite tasty!

I’ve been on a hummus kick too lately…anyone ever try this one?

Dinner…prep for tomorrow’s run…BED! #triathletelife

Sunday: 12 Mile Run

When this is your view to start your run that 5AM alarm becomes so worth it. #nofilter

I was so glad that Britta moved her long run to Sunday so that I could be a part of her first 20 mile run. We hit up the BWI Loop at 6AM. I also met her friend Natalie who is running Chicago Marathon with Britta. We chatted about all thing fitness which made the time go by super quick. Natalie has done 11 marathons and 16 half marathons. You can check out her blog here.

Great run…now time to get some post-run coffee. I met up with Marie and we chilled in the park for a few to catch up.

I spent the rest of the day  with Steph paddling boarding, eating pizza and playing games. We did about 4 miles on the water in a little less than 2 hours. We worked up an appetite and decided to have some pizza for dinner.

Such the perfect Sunday. Oh and to top it off Harris Teeter had PowerBars on sale. I am also a huge fan of the oatmeal fruit squeeze packs. Great for the long rides and runs (or for busy people on the go)!!

And….it’s 9PM and I’m already thinking about going to bed. Another big week of training ahead even though it’s an easy week. I actually have some non-training/non-fitness things on the calendar. I do actually have a social life outside of training…ya know  🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

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