High Volume Week = Success

This was a BIG week. And by BIG I mean high volume (lots of miles) since I am only ONE MONTH out from Ironman. It was a week filled with hitting some personal bests and mental toughness. Big weeks ahead, but I’m ready.

Monday: 2000 Meter Swim + Teach Barre

Great way to start off the week…2 new swim records.

Tuesday: 5.34 Mile Run

WARM UP: 10 min EZ
6 x 1 min RPE 4-5**
30 sec EZ jog between

3 x 2 min RPE 4-5**
1 min EZ jog between

2 x 3 min RPE 4-5**
1.5 min EZ between

Taco Tuesday and a massage with my bestie Steph!!
Black bean, chicken and jackfruit tacos topped with a mango jicama slaw, corn salsa and guacamole!! (more to come on these)


Wednesday: 20.55 Mile Bike + Teach Barre


Thursday: 2125 Meter Swim + Teach TRX + 4.15 Mile Run

1 month to go!!


Friday: Hot Yoga + PT

I went to see Mary at True Sports in Fells for a little maintenance on the glutes, IT bands and TFL. We did some graston and dry needling to get these legs feeling fresh. If you read my last post (check it out here) you know this is one key area over these next few weeks so I’m making sure I stay healthy.


Met Britta for some Hot Yoga @ Yoga Works in Fells with Keith.

It was Whole Foods for dinner (Friday night treat) and then home to prep for a big weekend training!

What a week?!?!?



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